My place on the Internet. Or something.

Hello world


For the two of you who stumbled upon this blog while undoubtedly looking for something else, let me tell you this: I have no idea what the theme of this little piece of Internet should be.

In the past, I had multiple blogs. There was one about art. There was one about opera. There were quite a few presenting my  fiction, historical fiction and fan fiction. There was a poetry blog. There was a personal blog. Hells, two of them. Let’s lift our glass to all of life’s unnecessary drama!

Today, none of the aforementioned blogs still exist. Perhaps the mistake was choosing one topic only. Well then, I shall do no such thing here, no sir. This is going to be a blog about each and every thing I like. From Neverwinter Nights modules, through anthropology, to Dawn Upshaw singing Zerlina.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a chaotic neutral blog. It runs on paganism, humanities, whims, foppery, libertinism, drama, LGBT, RPG, module-making, novel-writing, wine-drinking, aria-singing, sword-wielding… and copious amounts of tea.

If you have any questions, I am right here navigating through the still-alien WordPress interface like a gnome scientist on turnipcrack.


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